EIM – Who? What? Why?

So I often wonder to myself what is it that I actually do and how am I going to share this with the ears attached to the masses of prying eyes. Its often difficult to concisely share with others exactly what your company believes in and stands for in under 30 seconds.

Some companies have huge marketing budgets to engage over paid “marketing strategists” to strategise the strategy, workflow the process, define the ethos. If you ask me (or not, but I’m going to tell you anyway), a company ethos doesn’t come from some “poncy” ideas workshop, nor does it come from a book, nor a social media application, nor google…. you see where I am going with this. The whole idea comes from the key people within an organisations beliefs, ideas and is what they stand for.

Someone who sums this up for me fantastically in a way which seems to join all industries together and unite this philosophy in a humbling yet inspiring way is Will Smith.

Key quotes from the vid

” This is what I believe in and I am willing to die for it, period. I know who I am, what I believe in. From here I know what I need to do. Talent is nothing without skill or determination and those with greater determination will often go further than those relying solely upon skill”.

OK, so there is an element of Americanised hype in this video, but the fundamentals still resonate and got me thinking what is EIM, what do we believe in and how are we going to make this great?

How does this relate to EIM? Who are we? What do we do? What is our idea and what do we stand for?

So a few key points about me and my experience

– I began my career in the recruitment industry, working with software houses and consultancies around the UK and assisting them attract, retain and hire the best talent in the marketplace.

– Signed a deal with SAP (as a recruitment company) to resell their new hosted ERP software

– Joined a BI / ECM Technology solutions company in London to lead and define their business development strategy

– Invited to speak at various BI / ECM / IM Conferences including the MicroStrategy Business Intelligence World User conference in Monte Carlo

– Won new projects in new areas including SAP Projects.

– Managed key BI / ECM Customers

Throughout all of these experiences nearly every project, every new win, every existing project there was a common challenge – “who is going to deliver this? We don’t have the resources, they are all deployed on current projects!!”.

Tech solutions are fantastic and help organisations adapt to the ever changing market however without fantastic people these solutions are worthless. Time and time again customers were put off by best of breed tech solutions as a result of resource availability, or over inflated prices of tier 1 consultancies. Add to this the majority of Tier 1 consultancies work with recruitment agencies to backfill projects and what you end up with is a contractor who would cost you X per day then costing you X + Tier 1 consultancies margin….. Whilst there is logic in this based around risk management and outsourcing, part of me begs the question is this right for the customer. What does the customer want? Do they want to minimise risk and therefore engage with a consultancy or would they be happier hiring and managing a resource themself?

This has pretty much formed our vision, ethos and goal in the tech market!!!

So EIM fundamentally are a niche BI / ECM / IM / EIM Resourcing Consultancy, read into this as you like. We take our experience of recruitment services and technology solutions to provide a tailored resourcing model which address our customers’ needs and roadmap.

This includes:

–       Traditional permanent and contract recruitment

–       Bespoke project based resourcing

–       Consultancy engagement via trusted partners

–       Campaign management (for software vendors and consultancies)

Our goal is to provide the best resourcing model that supports customers long term goals in the most cost effective way. We listen to our clients requirements and then provide them with a series of options to meet their key success criteria including:

–       Hiring of permanent / contract resource

–       Hiring of Fixed term contractors

–       Project based engagement with milestones and deliverables

–       Partner consultancy engagement

So the USP – All companies have to have some marketing bumph!!

Here is the unique bit you may have just picked up on. So we have worked for solutions consultancies either directly or partnered with them. We know what they are capable of, their strengths and weakness, areas of expertise and key technology passions. We make sure we keep abreast of the latest technology releases, partner apps and acquisitions so that at the right time we can introduce you to the right people to help achieve your technology goals.

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do!!